Environmental Assessment

Validation and monitoring

RSA Geotechnics have advised in a number of successful land remediation and validation schemes. Validation and monitoring are tailored to meet the needs of the individual project. The process will ensure sufficient information is collected and documented to allow approval and ‘sign-off’ from the regulators.

Validation monitoring works can comprise inspection of the removal of tanks or ‘hotspots’ of contamination; sampling and testing of soils to confirm chemical suitability for a proposed end use; inspection of the thickness of a placed clean cover system to ensure it meets the agreed requirements; or groundwater sampling and testing to confirm remedial target values are being achieved following remedial works.

Our role may be in the form of a ‘watching brief’ or a more direct supervisory capacity working with the development team, remediation specialists and the construction contractors. Geoenvironmental engineers carry out site monitoring and validation of the remediation operations, and inspections of associated documentation such as waste transfer notes and compliance certificates.

The process will seek to ensure the development meets the requirements of the agreed remedial strategy for the site. The verification report will provide a descriptive record of the site remediation works and independent verification of the emplacement of imported topsoil in areas of soft landscaping.

The verification report will reference the prior desk studies and ground investigation reports and contain a summary of the risks that are being managed. All details of the remediation exercise, management documentation, and any variation in conditions encountered on site will be documented. The report will include details of work; approvals; waste transfer notes; all certificates; and correspondence with the local planning authority and other regulators.