Numerical analysis software

RSA Geotechnics Ltd now offers numerical analysis using state of the art software from Geoslope® including Slope/W; Seep/W and Sigma/W.



Slope/W can model both simple and complex problems for a variety of slip surfaces, pore-water pressure conditions and various soil conditions. Once the input parameters are obtained from an intrusive ground investigation these can be used in combination with the software to model the effects of changes in pore-water pressure, loading and unloading scenarios and many more.



Seep/W is powerful software capable of modelling groundwater flow in porous soils and rock. Seep/W has applications for geotechnical, environmental, civil and hydrogeological scenarios enabling the user to set their own boundary conditions and fluctuations in groundwater flow. By addressing both saturated and unsaturated conditions the software is capable of modelling complex scenarios including seepage through dams, modelling drawdown from pumping groundwater wells and the flow of contamination plumes beneath the ground surface.



Sigma/W enables the user to model stress and deformation within earth and structural materials. Multi-stage analysis enables detailed modelling of heave and settlement around basement excavations. Determine how the ground reacts when excavating beneath the groundwater table or model the settlement of a raft on any ground profile.

By coupling analyses from each element complex geotechnical, civil and hydrogeological problems can be tackled with ease.