Environmental Assessment

Lead contamination

Lead is a naturally occurring element. However most lead concentrations that are found in the environment are as a result of human activities; like former lead smelters, application of the lead in petrol or car batteries or from lead-based paint.

Lead may be taken into the body as a result of hand-to-mouth contact or from consuming vegetables grown in contaminated soil. Lead in soil may also be inhaled if re-suspended in the air, or spread by tracking soil onto shoes into your house.

Many factors affect how lead affects the body including age and gender. But it is considered likely that there is no ‘safe’ level of the lead in the human body.

The potential for lead contamination to be present on a proposed site can be flagged up early during the site investigation process,. The initial desk study and site conceptual model will be used to form a preliminary risk assessment; whilst targeted intrusive investigation allows the formulation of appropriate remediation measures.