Geotechnical Engineering

Piling mat design

RSA Geotechnics can provide advice and assistance with the investigation and in-situ testing for piling mat design and temporary working platforms.  These are carried out for construction plant, such as piling rigs and cranes.

A working platform should provide a safe and sufficiently durable working surface for the specific plant that will operate on it. Construction plant are likely to become unstable on poorly designed platforms. Well-designed platforms should be rigorously managed with a suitable maintenance and repair schedule.

The design of a temporary platform requires information about each load bearing soil layer. The sub-grade is in general characterised by undrained shear strength for cohesive soils or angle of shearing resistance for granular soils.

The design of a working platform should be carried out by a competent person. The designer should have full access to the desk study and site investigation information.