Environmental Assessment

Waste classification

Waste generated during construction work may include: building materials; excess soil from the excavations; and any polluted or contaminated soils that will need to be removed from the site.

For the purpose of landfill, the waste is classified into three main types: inert; non-hazardous; and hazardous. There are several specific requirements related to each main waste type.

In general, under current legislation as a waste producer the owner or developer of the site has the following responsibilities:

  • ensuring that waste from the site is tested and classified
  • ensuring that the site is registered with the Environment Agency¬†
  • ensuring that waste is pre-treated and disposed of at a licensed facility¬†
  • keeping accurate records of all waste classification, transfer and disposal
  • submitting full copies of those records for inclusion in validation reports
  • maintaining those records for potential future regulatory inspection

To assess the waste classification and characterisation for off-site disposal of any excess or contaminated soils, samples of the material will be subject to a waste acceptance criteria (WAC) test. Suitable disposal facilities can include treatment and recycling centres as well as landfill sites.